Picnic Staff Favorites

By Liz Ahearn | June 18, 2020

One of the many perks of working at Picnic is that there is always something wonderful to sample. Here, staff share some of our favorite products. 

Liz Ahearn:

“About once a week I like to splurge and make myself a decadent breakfast: farm fresh eggs from Lavender Hill Farms and D’artagnan uncured applewood smoked bacon. I typically toast up some Hewn bread to go with it.

I’m also obsessed with Harriet’s Hides, cowhide bags made by Sheryl Rosenberg, a neighbor and friend who lives right around the corner from the shop. These bags are so cute and funky—they really are one of a kind.” 

Sydney Kading: 

“I love our minced giardiniera from That Pickle Guy. Pile this up on a slice of Hewn’s delicious bread and call me a happy girl.

I love the new Cvne Rioja Crianza that we carry. This wine makes me think of a sexy man sitting in a deep red armchair smoking a cigar. It’s seductive, and smoky, and lush.” 

Hillary Leben:

“The Protos Ribera Del Duero is one of my favorite wines EVER, actually. It is ripe, earthy, juicy, and old all at the same time.This is my go-to bottle for special occasions!

I love the Wolftrap Red Blend, and it’s incredible value. It’s a rich wine and way more complex than the price would have you believe.

Susan Mackey:

“I wholeheartedly believe that condiments make everything better, and the Backwoods Mustard we carry is especially delicious. I like to use it on a veggie burger, grilled cheese, or on some toasted Hewn bread—have we mentioned we like the Hewn bread??

I’m wild about the new tea towels by Emery Kennett that we carry. Emery is a local artist whose designs are bright and joyful. I’m really looking forward to carrying more of her products in the near future!

One of my favorite wines right now is the Villa Wolf 2018 Gewürztraminer. It’s a wonderfully crisp, fruity white wine that pairs perfectly with spicy food, but easy to enjoy on its own.”