Room with a View: our Restroom!

By Liz Ahearn | May 15, 2019

Some say that the best places have the most interesting…restrooms! Our own WC has a lot to offer: A large scale mural, painted specially for Picnic.

Inspired by one of my favorite, “Sunday on La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat (original on view at the Art Institute of Chicago), School of the Art Institute Faculty Laura Mae Noble uses Seurat’s same technique and similar imagery to great effect.  Impressionism lives and breathes on this “canvas”, spanning an entire wall in our easy access restroom.

Laura Mae provides so much talent to Picnic: As fine artist, art consultant and curator for our gallery shows. And, she designs beautiful terrariums for display and sale.

I invite you to look closely at the figures in this just completed mural– the play of light, color and form, yes, while the images themselves are playful and feature elements of our own establishment. Can you spot the laden picnic basket, the bottle-into-glass wine pour, and picnickers enjoying an afternoon in the park?
That’s everything Picnic!

This is just what I envision for Picnic Wine & Provisions–an experience you will want to enjoy again and again as a destination for fine wine, great food and easy conversation.