Snowy season got you down? Feeling a little stir crazy?

By Brita Bednar | February 4, 2022

Escape to a sunny French vineyard, right from the comfort of your own living room.

Every season, Picnic proprietor Liz Ahearn offers her latest infatuations and favorites to members of the wine club. For $50 each quarter, members are offered two bottles of wine. They can choose a mix of red and white, or two of one. Additionally, members receive:

  • 10% off all purchases
  • 15% off exclusive last-chance bottles
  • free weekly wine tastings
  • exclusive invite-only events, half-off corkage, and more!

We offer free delivery for those who live within 4 miles of Picnic. Outside our range of delivery? Don’t worry. Pop in to pick up your bottles and we’ll treat you to a free glass of wine! Enjoy sipping chardonnay on our dog-friendly patio before strolling along the lakeside, or catching a movie at the New 400.

We offer these wines because we are truly excited about them! These are the varietals we are absolutely lovin’ at the moment, and we just want our regulars and unofficial somms to explore these incredible options with us.

For this winter, we offered two incredible options inspired by Liz’s time visiting the French countryside. Our red selection took us to the historic appellation of Châteaneuf-du-Pape, which is actually the original home of the Pope in the fourteenth century. A grenache-dominant three grape blend, this wine pairs well with almost anything! It would be especially fantastic with a beef stew, a saucy deep dish pizza, or even some chocolate truffles to go with your favorite new Netflix documentary.

Skipping up the Rhône just a bit north is the historic Paul Jaboulet Aîné domaine, which is where our winter white selection was produced. A very drinkable wine, this peppery bottle is filled with touches of pineapple with underlying warming spiced notes. And as a four-grape blend, it is best paired with food. While some may want to play it tame with a lemon-butter chicken, the wine truly begs for something as complex as itself. Turmeric, shakshuka, or yellow curry would offer a decadent trip around the globe.

(Rumor has it that if you act fast, you can still snag these wines now! Email Liz for inquiries.)

At Picnic, we’re always having a good time–and we have the empty bottles to prove it! If you’re interested in joining the wine club, just click here to sign up.